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Sailing made simple!

If you are looking for a simple, easy-to-launch, easy-to-sail, low-cost sailboat, look no further than Com-Pac’s
long list of trailer-able cat boats and sloops.

Com-Pac Yachts has built a reputation for building high-quality boats that are easy to sail, easy to launch, and
easy to trailer.

One of the largest expenses for any sailboat owner is their monthly slip rental fees. Keeping a boat in the water
year-round may be more convenient, but also adds significantly to maintenance costs. The savings of keeping
your boat on a trailer is off-set by the inconvenience of rigging and launching you boat each time.

The Com-Pac’s Mastendr™ System

Com-Pac’s Mastendr™ system allows one person to raise the mast and set the rigging in under ten minutes. That compares to hours for other sailboats. And when you are done sailing for the day, you simply drop the mast with the rigging in place onto the mast gallows for trailering. Everything is in place, ready for your next launch. With their single, gaff-rigged sails, the Com-Pac cat boats are simple to sail. The especially large cockpits in thePicnic Cat, Sunday Cat, and Horizon Day Cat gives you ease of movement and allows you to bring along your friends for an enjoyable day on the lake.

Check out the Com-Pac line of quality-built, easy to sail, trailerable sailboats:

Com-Pac Yachts’ Trailerable Cat Boats

Com-Pac Yachts Trailerable Sloops

For more information, including pricing, and to schedule a demo sail in our Com-Pac Horizon Day Cat, contact usat: john@sailnashville.com or 615-974-0100.

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