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From Percy Priest Lake to the British Virgin Islands...SailNashville Can Make Your Dreams Come True

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Learn to sail in just one-two-three days!

In just three days, our introductory course, ASA 101 you will give you the knowledge and skills to competently

skipper a 20 to 27-foot sailboat. Whether you are a beginner, or just wanting to sail better, this is the place to

start. Complete our three courses, ASA 101, ASA, 103, and ASA 104 and you will have the ability to charter a

sailboat up to 45 feet anywhere in the world.

SailNashville is the only American Sailing Association affiliated sailing school in Tennessee. Our courses are

certified by ASA. With more than 350 affiliated sailing schools worldwide and 1,500 certified instructors, the

American Sailing Association is the largest provider of keelboat sailing instruction in the United States.

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Whatever your dream…

…whether it is gliding along the surface of Percy Priest Lake…
…racing around the buoys in a regatta…
…or guiding your charter sailboat long the Gulf Coast

....or Chesapeake Bay…
…among the beautiful British Virgin Islands…
…or becoming a better, more competent sailor…
…or simply learning sailing from the beginning…

SailNashville will help make your dreams come true.

Why ASA Certification?

Because it provides an industry-recognized standard that demonstrates a specific level of training, skills, and

competency accepted by sailboat charters around the world.

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See What Our Students Are Saying...

"The July 30-31, ASA 110 Class I just completed was a comprehensive and well-instructed sailing class and not only did I learn a lot I thoroughly enjoyed it. Impressive instructors with acuity and knowledge that is simply amazing. All instructors were friendly, and patient and used excellent coaching and communications skills. Kudos to them and to you yourself for putting together a class act and top-notch instructional team.

It was a pleasure to see all your well-maintained and very current sailboats, the actual class location, and instructional boards. Very useful to see in a class indeed. Having now taken an ASA 101 Course with Sail Alabama and ASA 110 with Sail Nashville I will say that the ASA 110 provided great clarity in my better understanding of boat handling as well as how to further improve. I look forward to future ASA courses with Sail Nashville. Thank you all so very much."

Joe Stevenson

"Hey John. Wanted to update you. Jennifer and I closed on our Leopard 48 two days ago and set sail for the U.S. Should arrive in Florida in 6 days. Hard to believe it all started with ASA 101 on Percy Priest Lake!"


"My daughter and I had a fantastic time this weekend in the 101 course. I appreciate the fact that the school operates with first class equipment. The boats are new, clean, well maintained and ready to go. All the materials are top notch down to the clean supply trailers in the parking lot. Things were on time, informative and fun. You and the team are running a tight ship."


"Maddie and I were both cold and wet yesterday, so we left as soon as we passed our tests (yay), but I wanted to thank you for your course. Day 1 was a little rocky, but we had an absolute blast on Day 2 sailing around the cove (until the rain). Maddie was grinning from ear to ear as we sliced along. She came down last night to ask when we could go sailing again. I think she's hooked. We're running out of summer here, and she has to go back to high school, but we'd love to sign up for the 101 class sometime.

Also, when you get a chance, please email me any pics of Maddie and I on the boat. I of course didn't get any, but would love to see any that you got. Thanks again for a great couple of days with my kid. It was very special to me."

Ben (and Maddie)

"Thanks for the incredible class. My son is interested in more advanced classes given such a good atmosphere. Very skilled instructors. Thanks so much Hayden and Jason."

John Guenst

"I just completed the ASA survey and am happy to report that it was very easy for me to check "Excellent" on all the questions. Hayden was a terrific instructor and the class was a real pleasure. She is a wonderful young woman and I am sure you are proud. I have a 20 year old daughter as well as my son, so I recognize the great qualities instilled in Hayden. There was just the right mix of classroom and on water experience. My son and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and I know this will be a memory we will look back on fondly. You may see us again soon in another course!" Thanks for the incredible class. My son is interested in more advanced classes given such a good atmosphere. Very skilled instructors. Thanks so much Hayden and Jason."

Phil Mahoney

"I took the ASA 101 class this spring and I had a great time with the SailNashville team. My instructors had an incredible wealth of sailing knowledge, which they gained through decades of experience. Throughout the class, they shared several amazing sailing stories, including their boat chartering experiences in the Caribbean, which made me day dream of doing the same one day! By having three days to the course (Fri/Sat/Sun), we were able to cover all the material in the book, and still had plenty of time on the water. John (School Director) is very professional and is very responsive to e-mail questions. I’m very glad that I decided to take my ASA 101 course with SailNashville, and I look forward to taking the ASA 103 course with them sometime soon!”

Sergio Bustillo

"Emily and I were able to go sailing out in Biscayne Bay next to Miami on a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 389 this past week. My friend’s father left the boat in my charge and I had a lot of fun on my first real experience skippering a larger boat with everything you’ve taught us. We got to keep our eyes on the Doppler dodging small weather formations from tropical storm Fred and winds hitting 30 knots. Your ASA 103 and ASA 104 classes allowed for a deeper understanding of when to reef and what to expect when encountering winds that I would have otherwise motored through. The sail lasted 8 hours and was a great workout managing the heel, sail, and crew."

- Asa Graham Hartley

"I am so grateful for such a great instructor!!! Thank you. So much fun. So....need to sail now..."

- John Bettis

"Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for all the work you did for all of us in your classes. I really feel like I learned a great deal. Not only from the class "structured" and curriculum material but also the invaluable information shared with us from your experiences. I really think that as an aspiring sailor it was refreshing, to say the least, to get a real world view/opinion of the world of sailing and its idiosyncratic community. 


I hope to continue learning more. I plan to keep sailing as often as possible.  Now that I've caught the bug... I dare say it will become a lifestyle or at least a larger part of my life than just a hobby.  It was just a matter of time I reckon! Been dreaming too long and making it a reality has cemented it in my being for better or worse!  "Though of all things a man can obsess over... I feel sailing is better than most." Someone else far more learned than I said that once though whom to credit skips my mind at present."

- Mitchell Dawson

"I wanted to email to let you know how much I enjoyed the ASA 101 course this weekend! I had the absolute best time! The instructors were great and I can't believe how much I learned. Thanks so much!"

- Lynn

"I took the 110 class to get comfortable in small sailboats. Goal accomplished - and I had a great time doing it! The Catalina 12.5’s are sporty little boats that are a lot of fun to sail. Sean and John were both great instructors. Highly recommended."

- Sam Santoro

Sara Dorsey and her husband took the ASA 101 course from SailNashville.   But they decided to take ASA 103 and ASA 104 from another school in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  When asked about their experience, this was her reply:  “We had perfect weather! You were a much better teacher, however. Your coverage of the material was second to none. "

- Sara Dorsey

"Just wanted to say a loud THANK YOU! For the sailing course this past weekend. I had a great time and learned a truckload!"

- Tom Knowles-Bagwell

"This course (ASA 101) is well worth the money."

- Mark Crockett

"Thanks for the great weekend, John. I really appreciate how flexible you were with the weather impinging our ability to sail every day and how you kept us going by letting us all pick your brain about sailing and the sailing community. You're a good teacher."

- Aziz Shamim

"I just wanted to thank you for a truly wonderful weekend.  Looking back the past two days I can't believe everything you were able to teach us in 3 days.  It was amazing.  You packed our brains full of valuable information and gave us a great hands on start on learning to sail.  Thank you so much, the experience was very personally rewarding"

- Gene Fischer

"It finally happened. I'm living on a Moody 34CC.  Here is me sailing today from Bayboro NC to Oriental NC. You were such a big  part of my step towards where I am today. Thought about you while I was sailing today!"

- Ashley

SailNashville Sailor Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of our courses, we guarantee you will be a competent sailor after you complete our courses. We are willing to spend the extra time with you individually to ensure you feel confident skippering your sailboat. If you fail to pass the examination for certification, you may retake the course at no additional cost, except for the re-testing fees charged by ASA. Bottom line, SailNashville is committed to making you a competent, confident sailor.

SailNashville is an Investment in a Lifetime of Fun, Excitement, and Adventure.

Life is short…Live your dream.